Keratin Treatment Step by Step Video
Special thanks to our model Ms. Jill-Hanna Yabe and our Senior Technician Denis J. Delgado for their kind dedication.
This video shows the Re+5 Keratin Treatment on Ms. Jill-Hanna Yabe. Jill has a very dry and frizzy hair, but it gets to be smooth, manageable and shine after treatment. Denis explains the procedure in detail.
Step by Step Guide:
1. Wash hair twice on chemically-treated hair and three times on virgin hair with Keratin Purifying Shampoo.
2. Blow hair to 100% dry.
3. Shake the bottle well. Pour approximately 2-3 OZ of Keratin Treatment into bowl. Apply to hair with brush using 1/2’’ sections. Comb through every section until hair is completely saturated. (Gloves should be worn for this application).
4. For chemically-treated or damaged hair, allow hair to absorb solution for 20 minutes and blow hair to 100% dry. For very resistant, coarse hair, allow hair to absorb solution for 30 minutes and blow hair with cool wind to 100% dry.
5. With a heat resistant comb, divide hair into 4 sections.
6. Starting at the nape of the neck, take 1/8 inch sections, slowly move the flat iron (450°Fahrenheit is recommended) from root to ends 5~7 times (7~10 times for extremely curly coarse hair) infusing the Keratin Treatment into the hair shaft. For chemically treated damaged hair reduce heat to 430F°.
7. Mist Keratin Extend Stabilizing Spray evenly onto hair layer by layer, DO NOT DAMP THE HAIR! Let it sit for 5 minutes, then style as desired.
8. Spray Instant Keratin Gold on hair, it repairs and recruits moisture to injured hair, extending the sheen and softness to the notable degree.
Comb hair well.
9. After 3 days or 72 hours, hair should be washed with Keratin Daily Shampoo and Keratin Daily Conditioner