Can I Use a Re5 Shampoo on My Keratin Treated Hair?

Recently a friend of mine went in for her first Re5 Keratin Treatment I have people ask me about them all the time and since I am so excited about what it does for my hair, I guess my enthusiasm finally wore off on her!  She escaped, leaving her husband and son home for several hours while she treated her curly, frizzy hair to a conditioning brazilian keratin treatment like no other.  I had told her about the aftercare products and told her to make sure she purchased at least the shampoo and conditioner to help the treatment last.

While she got a great deal on her Re5 Keratin Treatment., She told her husband not to ask how much she spent on everything because she was, like many moms can be, guilty she spent so much on herself.  Though if is actually not every expensive. This got me thinking…

Would a Re5 Keratin Treatment shampoo work to preserve a keratin hair treatment like the brand name products do?  I asked our keratin hair treatment expert, Jordana, to shed some light on the subject:
“Keratin treatment aftercare products can seem pretty pricey! Re5 Keratin Treatment is every popular, it is just pennies above the average salon brand, ounce for ounce. Granted there are many brands out there which are more affordable, but after having an expensive treatment you’ll want to be careful to protect it. The keratin treatment companies each make a Keratin Treatment shampoo and conditioner, sometimes a few other products, which are not only formulated without certain harsh detergents that could remove your treatment, but which also contain several of the active ingredients of the treatment itself. This way, every time you use them they bond to your treated hair and actually refresh your results. I have found they help by about 2 weeks.  (And Re5 Keratin Treatment shampoo and conditioner,. It really helps!)

If you just can’t bring yourself to buy special products, the most important ingredients to avoid are sulfates and sodium chloride (yes that’s salt, not quite sure why that’s in any shampoo…), as they will strip your results away faster. Or, you could spring for the recommended shampoo and continue using your favorite conditioner, since no conditioner will harm your treatment. Then you could go back to the salon and pick up the recommended conditioner as your treatment starts to fade, to stretch it a little longer.

**I want clients to get the most out of their investment in a keratin treatment. Mention this A Mom in Red High Heels post when booking your first keratin treatment with me, and I’ll buy you your first set of aftercare products!” (see contact info below)

I asked Jordana about a specific product that I noticed had the same base ingredient as the Re5 Keratin Treatment. Aftercare products: acid berry. Re5 Brazilian Keratin Treatment brand, Jordana said it is a safe alternative but doesn’t contain the hydrolyzed keratin or botanical smoothing agents that the brand name does. If you truly need to go “Re5” this is at least an option that won’t strip your newly treated hair but will not refresh your results as Jordana mentioned above.

*My friend did not receive her Brazilian Keratin Treatment. For Jordana as they live in different areas but I hope YOU will take Jordana up on her offer for free aftercare products if you book your first keratin treatment with her!  Contact her to determine which treatment is your best option!