Tips For Extending Your Keratin Treatment

There are several types of keratin treatments on the market. I dare say some are excellent, some only want to hook up with the trends. What the business men called business opportunity. Here is a tip to tell whether a keratin treatment is good or bad. Simply have a look at the product list, you will notice that good keratin treatment also offers some post-treatment products for keep, like sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which opportunity seizers don’t. Many young ladies know how dramatic keratin treatment is, but few of them carry a post-treatment maintaince. That is why they complain their straight hair won’t last 3-5 months, not as stated. Obviously, those who complain the most may not know how to extend their keratin treatment. The worse is their have some important rules! The following are some tips selected from the Internet. I hope this may help, good luck!
‘To ensure the success of keratin treatment and extend its results, though, it’s important to follow a few rules – and, trust us, you’ll want to extend the results as long as possible– if for no other reason than to spread out the time between the hefty salon bill! Here, some of our top tips:
Washing: Try to shampoo no more than 2-3 times per week since shampooing can strip the hair of essential oils. If your hair tends to get greasy, try using a specific shampoo designed for keratin treatment, like RE+5 keratin daily shampoo. Desperately desire a hair wash more regularly? Try to just rinse and condition with RE+5 keratin daily conditioner.
Conditioning: Twice each month, use a conditioning product, such as hair treatment products containing Argan Oil, to dramatically improve your hair health with penetrating nutritional proteins that help seal in the treatment and keep the hair frizz-free.
Swimming: Although we all enjoy going for a dip in the pool or ocean (it’s summer…who doesn’t?!), unfortunately, keratin treatment will wash out more quickly if you expose your locks to chlorine or salt water on a regular basis. If staying out of the water, though, just isn’t an option, wet your hair with tap water first. This way, the water absorbs less of the chlorine or salt, which can cause the keratin treatment to wash out faster. For added protection, use the RE+5 keratin treatment RE+5 keratin extend stabilizing spray to further maintain the treatment.
Styling: Before blow-drying the hair, use the RE+5 keratin extend stabilizing spray. Not only will the serum help to extend the life of keratin treatment, but it will also untangle and add shine to the hair, more importantly, provide protection against hot tools.’
By the way, here is a list of the most frequent asked questions, find answers yourselves!