A Study on Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Use Google as a Fashion Tracker

A little explanation on Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Many girls who born with unruly, wavy and frizzy curls have tried so many ways to tame down the unmanageable curl —- relaxers, straightening treatments, even large-roller perms —- but none of these really did the trick because the flat-ironing and intense blow-drying make their once thick hair incredibly thin, dull and damaged. As a result the hair becomes too weak to keep the hair style for long. As the girls have to go through the processes again, their hair gets worse damaged. It is a vicious circle and they only find themselves desperate with the still-curly hair in the end.

For years, some of the world’s most beautiful, savvy Latin American women have had a secret weapon in their fight against frizzy, bushy hair – the fantastic Brazilian Keratin Treatment (or BKT). This is a hair treatment rich in keratin.

Keratin is a type of protein high in Sulfur and the amino acid cystine, making it tough, elastic and insoluble. In fact keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin as well as the key structural component of hair. The hair dyeing and perming treatment could cause the outflow of keratin because it is damaged and recombined, which leaves our hair shineless, easily broken and vulnerable to external stimulation such as sunshine and heat.

The keratin treatment leaves the hair hydrated, shiny, healthy and silky, and reducing the hair’s volume and frizz. Once it was introduced to the market in Brazil, keratin treatment soon dominated domestic as well as world market by its innovative and effective function. That is why this keratin Treatment was named Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Keratin in short.

Why and how I use Google as a fashion Tracker

Google has changed people’s vision about the world as well as the way they live. There is no doubt that searching information worldwide is much more convenient today. As a staff in the marketing department of a hair care manufacturing company, one of my job responsibilities is to analyze and predict the fashion trend around the world in order to help my company set a proper market strategy.

One of my ways to learn the trend is to investigate the keyword search volumes through Google AdWords program. It is free and very useful. By checking out certain keywords’ search volume index around the world, facts and figures are provided and predicted approximately. Examples would be given in the following part.

The reason why I choose Google AdWords is that it provides me with the objective data without any biding etc. The data has been normalized by the total traffic from each respective region, which is comparatively reliable. Secondly the structure and layout are user-friendly. You can easily find out the data of different countries, with periods of time, together with relative search terms etc. Through combining all these information I can get a rough idea about the popularity of certain words within some regions during a period of time.

It should be pointed out that using Google as a fashion tracker is just a sketchy means. Further investigation needs to be conducted if you want to get a deeper understanding. Following I would illustrate how I use Google AdWords as a fashion tracker through analyzing the hottest treatment for hair, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Re+5 Keratin Treatment), which is also part of our business. According to the search volumes, Brazilian Keratin Treatment has become the hottest icon in the haircare industry recently.

Grounds of choosing keratin as the keyword benchmark for Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Due to the fact that keratin plays an essential role in the construction of hair, and it is now mostly applied to hair treatment, ‘keratin’ is considered closely related to the term ‘keratin treatment’ , which is also proved on Google keyword tool, as more than 90% of related keywords are pointing to the same object, such as keratin Treatment, brazilian keratin treament, keratin hair treatment, brazilian keratin hair treatment, and etc.). Therefore “keratin” is chosen as the keyword to see the trend of Brazilian keratin treatment around the world. More

To suppliment with English search result, I also add spanish and French in the language blanket for worldwise comparison.

The Hot Map Study of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

First of all, ‘queratina’ (Spanish, same word also used in Brazil for keratin. The most widely-used language throughout South America) is typed into as keyword because the origin of this Brazilian Keratin hair treatment was Brazil. From the chart below it can be inferred that the term ‘queratina’ enjoyed great popularity in 2004 and 2005.

To further understand the search volumes in Brazil, I clicked this region to apply the location filter to get more detail. It can be seen that while within Brazil, keratin as the hair treatment is most warmly welcomed in cities of eastern coast such as Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with high search index volume.

After it had dominated the Brazil market, keratin continued to step into the market of South America. It received high remarks in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Moving northward keratin has succeeded in entering Central American and North America countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Here the map is colored in different degrees to show the search volume index of keratin in South and Central America.

After checking out the Spanish form of keratin, here I use the English form, ‘keratin’ as the keyword. As keratin penetrated the North American market following proper sequence, it also explored the market to farther continents meanwhile. Brazilian Keratin Treatment stepped into North Afria and Middle East. It became a popular trend to conduct the keratin hair treatment among the Arabic women. Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt witnessed this keratin craze, so did Abu Dhabi and Dubayy in UAE (where English is spoken widely).

In the year of 2009, keratin met its overwhelming popularity within the United States and Canada. In a prestigious hair and beauty trade show held in Orlando, keratin treatment dominated the show with 20 manufacturers selling keratin straightening treatment. What’s more, Brazilian Blowout, one of the latest products of keratin hair treatment, was rated as the Top Beauty & Fashion keywords in 2009 by amoninredhighheels.com. Such trends quickly spread through European countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ireland, as well as some English-speaking countries like Australia and Singapore. Progressively gaining popularity over the past two years, keratin treatments have taken the curly world by storm, with a growing number of hairdressers forgoing thermal reconditioning in favor of this hot import from Brazil.

Now I would check out whether keratin is popular in French-speaking countries by using the keyword ‘keratine’ (French). I find out that keratin started the craze in Morocco, a country in North Africa. However people in France seem to show comparatively less interest towards keratin, which I think may due to the strict regulation about harecare products within Europe.

Nowadays keratin treatment is still the most talked-about and desired procedure in the haircare industry in the US. Following this fashion trend, South East Asia countries including Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia are getting more and more interested in keratin. It can be predicted that the search volume with “keratin” as the keyword would be moving up and up.

Fashion changes all the time. Instead of keeping tracking numerous data or conducting countless surveys, a low-cost and convenient method to understand the general trend is preferable. With its comparatively objective figures and user-friendly layout, the search volume tool of Google AdWords does provide a overall picture of certain popular trend around the world.