Keratin Treatment Goes Excellent With Argan Oil

I love keratin treatment for only one reason-I love straight hair! Well, to be exact, my husband love my straight hair. He says I look elegant in this way. You may say he is pleasing me. Well, who cares! Say, married women always love sweet talks. I am one of them.

This time I would like to share with you my fifth keratin treatment experience. One of my e-friend showed me some research facts about the risks of having keratin treatment. Well, it is clear that keratin treatment contains formaldehyde which is now considered as ‘carcinogenic’. I don’t believe in what the so-called experts said. I don’t think I will get cancer only because I have keratin treatment done on my hair, say, every 3-5 months! This sounds quite ridiculous! If it does cause cancer, when? Say, 50 years later? Then I will reply ‘I had enough’!

Two weeks ago I had my fifth keratin treatment done on my hair and this time is a bit different. As we do, Nancy mentioned a new product the just started getting popular called Argan Oil. She gave me a small amount to try. Wow, the result is awesome! Now, I feel like I’ve been reading about it everywhere. It has become the hot line of products with the hip fashion magazines, A-list celebrities and more.

The magazines are now all talking about the benefits of Argan Oil. It’s been named one of The Best Selling Products of 2011 because it adds shine, defrizzes, and strengthens the hair, and it works excellent with keratin treatment. Nancy told me the good news that my hair would keep straight for much longer! That means I won’t get cancer in 50 years! Maybe in 60 years, 70 years or 80 years. Then I will reply ‘I really had enough’!

What is Argan Oil: Argan Oil is a versatile ingredient that most hair treatment products are based on. It’s from the Argan tree which is endemic to Morocco. Argan Oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and is well known for it’s cosmetic benefits and UV protection.  Recently experienced stylists try out that keratin treatment goes excellent with Argan Oil.

After keratin treatment products: I’ve been using RE+5 keratin daily shampoo and RE+5 keratin daily conditioner. I like both of them and they do not contain sulphates, phosphates or parabens. As my RE+5 keratin treatment was wearing out, I found that these products help extend it’s life better than any other products I’ve tried. There was a visible difference. I’ve heard several other people with brazilian keratin hair straightening mention that their hair stylists recommended Argan Oil to them too.

Tips: I’m slightly intrigued by the RE+5 keratin extend stabilizing spray that you can spritz onto your hair for added shine and less frizz which can reduce your waiting time to 48 hours. Have you ever tried keratin treatment with Argan Oil products? Share with me your experience. For more details about RE+5 Brazilian keratin treatment here.