Keratin Hair Straightening Tames Wild Hair

Got a wild hair? Tame it with a global popular Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment. So, go to salon process and take frizzy, unruly, curly, kinky, and unmanageable hair and transforms it into sleek, straight and shiny hair.

What is Keratin Hair Straightening?

The Keratin Hair Straightening is also called Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which is a safer alternative to hair relaxers – the traditional way of beating bad hair into submission. It is also a better alternative to Japanese straightening. Both traditional relaxers and the Japanese straighteners use caustic chemicals that break down the integrity of hair, ultimately damaging the hair. The Brazilian Treatment does not damage hair – in fact, it strengthens and protects it. It is so safe that it can be done the same day as a color or highlighting processes.

Don’t pull out your hair! Get a Brazilian Straightening – a Keratin hair treatment, that is!

The Brazilian treatment sheaths your strands in keratin. Keratin is a protein that is the building block of hair and nails. During this Brazilian Straightening, the keratin is delivered in a liquid form and goes deep into the hair shaft, adding strength to the hair. On the outside, the keratin seals the hair cuticle, protecting the strands and leaving them soft, straight and shiny. The best part is that your hair becomes impervious to humidity. No more frizz!

The Keratin Straightening ProcessWhat is the price for beauty? Well, this process can be expensive. How much depends on several factors, including where you live, how much hair you have, how long it is and so on. So before you run out to get a Keratin hair straightening, get a free consultation at a couple of your local salons that offer the Brazilian treatment.

There are different keratin products and some of their applications may differ. But for the most part, your hair will be washed twice with a special purifying shampoo. It will be blow dried until it is about 90 percent dry. At that point, the keratin product will be applied root to ends. The last part involves taking tiny sections of the treated hair and flat-ironing them straight. Usually, you can’t wash, tie up or even pin back your hair for several days while it “cures.” (Compare it to when you get a manicure and the nail polish feels dry to the touch, but when it’s not completely cured, or hardened through, you can cause dents in the polish if you are not careful.)

Hair Straightening Results When the curing period is done, you wash your hair – or have a follow-up at the salon – and, voila, gorgeous, manageable, sleek hair! Better yet, your hair has become wash and wear hair. And if you want to have a polished look, styling will take a fraction of the time it used to – and the style will last, even in soupy, humid air.

As noted above, this is a treatment that does not alter the structure of your hair. The keratin gradually wears off, returning your hair to its normal, misbehavin’ self in 2 to 4 months time. At least you don’t have to suffer a growing out stage as in with other Japanese straighteners in which your ends are flat and limp and your roots curly and frizzy.

Some women say that after the Brazilian treatment they can grow hair fast and long. This has been my experience. What is likely happening is that because the hair is made stronger by the coat of keratin, it doesn’t break off as easily, so it has the chance to grow long.

If you have wild hair, believe me, the Keratin Hair Straightening will change your life!
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