A Simply Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

I got the Brazilian Keratin Treatment from a very famous salon on February 24th, 2010 (my birthday!).

Now here I am, a little over 21/2 months later to give you a follow-up about the treatment and how it’s working out for me.

I had a perm in November 2009 which was gorgeous and I loved. But then, I became pregnant only a few weeks later (obviously a surprise!) and then was unable to get my hair re-permed due to the unknown effects of the chemicals. My hair grew out so quickly in the first 2 months, that I was left with completely straight hair on the top of my head and a massive amount of curls below. Quite unbecoming and totally unmanageable. So I looked into a few different options and settled on getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment because it had the least amount of chmicals and was deemed the most safe procedure to have done while pregnant. (Although you should always consult with your doctor/midwife, salon and research this heavily online before making the decision if you are pregnant!!)

My Daily Hair Care Treatment Regime
I wash my hair with the keratin treatment daily shampoo very gently and then condition it with the keratin daily conditioner. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week in an effort to make the treatment last as long as possible. The last thing you want to do is strip the brazilian treatment off your hair!!

After I get out of the shower, I towel dry it for 20-30 minutes to cut down on time with the blow dryer. When I take it out of the towel, I immediately apply a few squirts of Instant Keratin. It’s absolutely the most devine hair product I’ve ever used and I have no idea what I would do without it. I comb the product through, making sure I avoid the top of my head and get it mostly on the ends of my hair where it’s really frizzy and dry.

If it’s a warm day and I have extra time, I let my hair air dry. If I’m in a hurry, I blow dry it straight with a big brush. Then I usually take at least 5-10 minutes to finish off my look with a flat iron just to get out any unruly and persistent curls and make everything look uniform. I don’t usually super straighten it because I still want it to look natural and not like I spent an hour in my bathroom with a flat iron! I spent around 10 minutes with the flat iron for the 2 month post-treatment pictures above.
I personally prefer wider flat irons for my hair. Each individual hair is fine, but I have a lot of hair. I find it works the best for me.

Overall, my hair is so much easier to deal with after the treatment. Long before I had a perm or this straightening treatment, I could spend an hour or two in front of the mirror trying to flat iron my hair and within a couple hours my hair would be wavy again. Then by the end of the day, it would be poofy and start to curl and not in a pretty way… When I think of curls, I think of gorgeous hair and my “curls” were anything but that…. Think frizzy, kinky, poofy, unmanageable, chronic bad hair day from hell. It took me hours to get my hair to look anything close to what it does now and it wouldn’t stay that way for more than a few hours.

Now, I spend under a half an hour doing my hair and it will stay straight, silky and smooth even if I sleep on it! And *GASP* I can get up the next morning, do nothing more than brush my hair and have it actually look good. That, my friends, is a miracle.Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment worth it? YES YES YES!

Glen says:
Wow, your hair looks amazing! So after you undergo the keratin hair treatment, is is a must to use Shu Uemura, or can I just use anything similar?
Can these be found in any shopping site online, or there any particular site? Because I’m not sure if the shopping site I’m visiting often has these products.

Suzi says:
Your hair looks fabulous, silky smooth and very straight. As I mix my hair styles as well, this could be exactly what I need. I will consider the Re5 Keratin Treatment for my hair.
Thanks for the pics and heads up, your a star!

Jackie says:
About almost 2 years I had the Keratin Brazilian, I think the product had just came out (or at least it was new to the salon I go to). I was very disappointed with the results. It didn’t last more than a month and I was so careful to use all the Brazilian Keratin products,and nothing else. I also didn’t wash my hair more than a few times a week and still after 1 month back to unruly frizz. I have naturally curly, frizzy hair and it’s more on the thin side so it usually takes well to treatments. I’m not sure if the product was so new or if the stylist didn’t apply it right (which I do think he did), but the stuff was a waste of money. Well here I am almost 2 years later and the same stylist convinced me to give the treatment another try since all of his clients but me have had success with it. Apparently, the product has improved over the past 2 years and there is now a pre-soft primer, which the product line hadn’t developed yet the first time I got it done. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one takes. I’m now in my 2nd day of no hair washing so I’m anxious for the 4 days to be up and for me to see the results. Your review was very informative and helpful, and your hair is gorgeous! Thanks!

Jami says:
August 3, 2010 at 2:03 pm
FYI…the Re5 Keratin Treatment states right in the instructions DO NOT USE on Pregnant or Nursing women!

Deanna says:
August 12, 2010 at 7:25 pm
okayy.. so i have a question im suppose to get this done sat. and ive read some reveiws of hair falling out… and im worried now. i already have thin fragile hair. but its massivly frizzy and wavy. what should i do? give it a try still? even tho im risking going bald?