Brazilian Hair Treatment Review

The fabulous folks invited into their New York City salon to celebrate the rolling out of their newest service, Brazilian hair treatment which is first introducted from Brazil. Our staffer Colleen, was more than willing to be our soon-to-be straight-haired guinea pig.

She’s pictured here, with her naturally curly locks:

“I was excited at the prospect of finally having straight hair,” said Colleen. “After years of flat-ironing and intense blow-drying, my once thick hair has become incredibly thin. I hoped the Brazilian keratin treatment would equal less styling, which in turn would result in less heat damage to my hair.”

The Brazilian Treatment for hair is a natural keratin product that won’t change the molecular structure of the hair and instead, infuses it with keratin (a protein found in hair and nails), which eliminates frizz and cuts down on drying time. It lasts for up to four months, and you should use a sodium- and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Upon arrival, Colleen’s hair was washed twice with a Keratin Purifying Shampoo. Next, colorist dried her hair completely and painted on the treatment. It looked like she was dyeing her hair, only without the foils. Next, she went over it with a flatiron to seal in the formula.

Two things we noticed: Colleen’s hair wasn’t completely saturated and dripping wet with product. Her hair remained lightweight and touchable throughout. Second, there weren’t any harsh fumes that made our eyes water. This formula had a subtle scent of chocolate — yum. I really like the chocolate smell.

After flat-ironing, Colleen’s hair was rinsed with cool water to seal the cuticles and air-dried for 10 minutes. Last, Jan Marie blow-dried her hair using just her fingers. The whole procedure took around an hour and a half. (The treatment time will vary depending on how long your hair is.)
Here’s Colleen’s amazing, newly straightened ‘do:

“My hair was incredibly straight and smooth,” said Colleen. “Even my cowlick, which never stays straight even after ironing, was straight as a pin on my head.”
Unlike most Brazilian hair treatments that demand you to not touch or wash your hair for up to 72 hours, Colleen was able to wash her hair the next day. She was advised to not tuck it behind her ears during the first 24 hours, as that could create unwanted kinks.

“Almost two weeks after the treatment my hair is still as straight as it was in the salon,” said Colleen. “The best part of the entire process is that my prep time in the mornings has almost been cut in half. After a quick blow-dry, my hair is ready to go with minimal need for a flatiron. Though a little pricey for me, I think it will definitely be worth the splurge in the summer to beat the humidity and frizz.”

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