Caring For Your Brazilian hair straightener

I had a Brazilian hair straightening (Keratin Hair Treatment) done 8 weeks ago.  Sadly, I started to see my curl and texture coming back about 2 weeks ago. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having easy to blow-out hair that dried straight with a rough dry and didn’t tangle.  Really, it was a life changing experience (which I may have mentioned a time or two…).  Since I want the Brazilian straightening effect to last as long as possible because- let’s face it- $350 for a Brazilian hair straightener is a lot to pay every 2-3 months when there is school tuition to pay, kids to feed and lip gloss to buy.

I asked my favorite Brazilian hair straightener Expert, Jordana, to give us some tips for keeping our Brazilian hair straightness lasting on and on. Jordana reminds us that a typical Brazilian hair straightener lasts between 2 and 4 months, depending on your natural texture. In light of that, she gives us some helpful tips to keep our smooth, sleek hair looking that way.

“You Googled some more, looking for someone who does it in your area. You’ve read blogs and twittered about several different Brazilian Hair straighteners until you found a stylist who did the one that’s right for you. You got it, and you love it. Now how do you protect your investment?

Since sodium chloride is one of the biggest offenders in stripping the Brazilian Keratin from your hair, both ocean water and pool water can contribute to this (even saline-treated pools, as saline is also a form of salt). If you’re just playing with kids in a pool, clip your hair up and try to keep it out of the water. If you need to get your hair wet, the best thing you can do to protect it is to get it wet with tap water first; once it is saturated, it will absorb less of the bad water, but you’ll still want to shampoo and condition as soon as possible afterwards.

Brazilian Treatments:
Each Brazilian hair straightening system makes a Keratin Treatments shampoo and conditioner, and most also make a deep treatment and one or two styling products. But some are pretty pricey! Do they really make a difference? YES. These products will generally contain the same hydrolized keratin and botanical extracts that were in your treatment, so each time you use them you will be refreshing and enhancing your results.

Keratin Treatment Shampoo is the most important; using the wrong shampoo can strip your Brazilian treatment out faster. If you do not want to buy the recommended keratin treatment shampoo, look for one which is free of sulfates and sodium chloride, like Re5. Remember, the recommended shampoo will not only protect your treatment but also enhance it. Like a spray tan, every time you wash your hair, you will fade a little bit of the coating off. So if it’s a lazy Sunday, and your hair is a little greasy but not awful…wait until Monday to shampoo. it may save you a few days on the other end!Re-Treat:
Most Brazilian hair straigteners are cumulative.  In other words, having the service done again before it fades away completely will result in the coating getting stronger and lasting longer. So, for example, you might redo it after 8 weeks the first time, then 10, then 12 and continue at 12-14 or whatever is comfortable for your hair.