The Brazilian Blowout- Getting Red Carpet Ready Hair

Brazilian Blowout Review

I have a not-so-little secret: I hate my hair. In 23 years, I’ve grown to accept it (because really, what choice do I have?), but it’s an unruly pile of frizzy curls… and it has been ever since I was born.
Like every other girl in the world, I wanted what I couldn’t have: straight hair. Actually, I didn’t even want it to be straight; I just wanted it to be less curly. Of course, as I got older, it got even curlier. I was kind of distressed because there was not solution like Brazilian Blowout, also I did not search for a solution as I was to young to be aware of that.)

I think the worst hair experience I ever had was when I was about ten. I went to a salon with my mother and asked for my hair to be cut to my shoulders with layers. She did just that… literally. I walked around looking like Bozo the clown for long enough to stop really trusting stylists. When I was around sixteen, I started cutting my own hair (and still do to this day) and dying it. I had tried before to tame down the curl – I’ve gotten relaxers, straightening treatments, even large-roller perms – but neither the relaxer nor the straightener did the trick.

Flash forward to now. My hair?
Still curly. And I’d pretty much come to accept that as a fact of life until Shareena Reardon came along. A stylist at the Eminently Hair Salon , Shareena was looking to get the Brazilian Blowout into the Aveda salon she’s at. She needed a test subject, and I was more than happy to oblige.

What, you ask, is the Brazilian Blowout? It’s a professional smoothing treatment out of Brazil (bet you could’ve guessed that one…) that softens curls and actually improves the health of your hair. PLUS, instead of giving you the look of overgrown roots like perms or chemical straighteners, the Brazilian Blowout fades out of your hair in 6-8 weeks, so you’re back to your natural hair style and texture.

My results were impressive to say the least. The entire experience wasn’t absolutely amazing (there is some burning in your eyes when they’re sealing the treatment into your hair), but at 90 minutes with the extreme results, it was worth every second.

Ready to see the final shot?
I was able to create this straight style in all of 15 minutes! To put that into perspective, it usually takes me TWO HOURS to get my hair totally straight!
The Brazilian Blowout costs anywhere from $250-600 (depending on the salon) and lasts six to eight weeks. I’ll probably get it again for a special occasion (like heading out to Blog Her in August), but because of the price, I probably won’t get it as often as I’d like.

Do you have unruly hair? Is the Brazilian Blowout something you’d be interested in trying? Have you gotten this treatment done already? It left me feeling like a celeb (particularly after my celeb Brazilian Blowout treatment)!