Big News! Brazilian Blowout is Now ‘Hyde-free’

Not only chocolate keratin but also more safty. Our favorite keratin hair treatment just got better! chocolate keratin is now FREE of ALL HYDE FAMILY CHEMICALS (formaldehyde, aldehyde, glutaraldehyde or any ‘hyde’)!  This is great news for anyone with a formaldehyde sensitivity or allergy! It’s a safer formula for the stylist, salon employees and clients of the salon, So enjoy keratin treatment for your straightening and shining hair.

Does it still cause eye irritation?
Tracy, one of A Mom in Red High Heels’ Mom Panel members and mom of 3, recently received the new Brazilian Blowout at the Argyle Salon and Spa in West Hollywood.  She only had mild irritation in her eyes and if she just closed her eyes for a few moments, it would go away. She was by an open window and did not wear a plastic eye shield.

If it doesn’t have Hyde-family chemicals, what does it have?
The Brazilian Blowout website states, “What makes the Brazilian Blowout effective is our use of the Brazilian keratin treatment in conjunction with a proprietary polymer system. This combination is what rounds the follicle, smooths the cuticle and repairs any preexisting damage.” The new improved Brazilian Blowout is made with a 3-berry formula!

How do we know it’s really Hyde-family free?
The official Brazilian Blowout website states, “The Professional Smoothing Treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! and No harsh chemicals! NO FORMALDEHYDE!!” But we had Jordana do some investigating. She spoke with 3 different employees at the company (on three different days at three different times!) and is satisfied that the new formula indeed does not contain Hyde-family ingredients!  Great investigative reporting, Jordana!

Is the new formula in a new bottle?  How do I know if I am getting the latest hyde-free formula?

The bottle looks only slightly different but does not have anything on it marking it as a new formula. Many salons may not even carry it yet as they are using up their stock of the older formula. Be sure to ask if the formula they are going tousle on you is the newest Brazilian Blowout product.

Does the new formula last as long as the old formula?
I asked Jordana if the hair keratin treatment with the new formula lasted as long (up to 12 weeks) as the older formula. As a stylist, Brazilian Blowout Expert and someone who uses the treatment on herself, she said she hasn’t notice a difference in length of time the treatment lasts.  You can count on it lasting 10-12 weeks if the After-Care product line is used.

Is it safer now?  Can pregnant women use it?
Though this hair keratin treatment is a safer formula for clients and stylists alike, keep in mind it is still not recommended that pregnant or nursing women use it if it isn’t necessary.
What do you think? Does the Brazilian keratin product safer formula appeal to you? Will you be getting a Brazilian Blowout to help your hair become smooth, shiny and frizz-free? Go to your nearest salon and enjoy a professional keratin treatment for your hair!


Karen says:

August 10, 2010 at 11:02 am
Re Damage. In 6/10 someone had a problem with that specific process. The website had good suggestions. The process is becoming more popular, but unfortunately they are not your clones and I think the professionals and customers are not prepared for what could happen if something goes wrong. That’s why I love your blog! You have good, reasonable information. Thanks!

Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout Specialist says:

August 11, 2010 at 1:43 am
the article you posted does not include any dates, and that it generalized many treatments into the same category. I can tell you that I have done over 400 keratin treatments (7 different types) and never had one such complaint. Proper application and processing is of the utmost importance! I recommend researching a stylist thoroughly.