Money Well Spent on Brasilian Keratin Treatment for Hair

‘Money well spent’: Rachael Lloyd said the Brasilian Keratin Treatment left her with glossy, curl-free hair. For years, some of the world’s most beautiful, savvy Latin American women have had a secret weapon in their fight against frizzy, bushy hair – the fantastic Brasilian Keratin Treatment (or BKT).

The product contains formaldehyde, which you might associate with embalming, but here is enriched with keratin, a natural protein, to form a mild chemical solution.
Once applied, the chemical sits on the cuticle, where the keratin conditions and reconstructs even the most wiry locks.

And now, the Brasilian Keratin Treatment is available in select British salons, To start, let me explain a little bit about my hair. ‘You’ve got enough hair for another person,’ she said. ‘And a small child.’

In contrast, Marina, the beautiful stylist, is Brasilian and furnished with very silky locks, thanks, she claims, to the Brasilian Keratin Treatment.

No frizz! Rachael said she feels like ‘one of those girls from a TV shampoo ad’
Marina assures me that in one hour’s time, I, too, will look like a supermodel.

Firstly, my hair is washed thoroughly and blow-dried. Then the Brasilian keratin solution is applied and sealed into the cuticles with special irons. My hair produces an alarming amount of scary-looking steam.

Once the application is complete, I’m warned not to wash my hair for three days, or I may end up with kinks. But the results are worth the hiatus. I have glossy, curl-free hair.I feel like one of those girls from the TV shampoo ads. My locks have bounce, yet the cuticles lie smooth and the frizz is gone.

At around £200, the BKT is not cheap, but as it lasts up to three months, I think it’s money well spent.

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Where can I go and get this done? It sounds just what I have been looking for, my hair is like Leo Sayer’s when it is just washed, then after a blow dry and straighteners, its manageable, but this sounds like something I have been looking for. I live in Bristol, please advise.

– Julia, Bristol,
I had this done a month ago and the success of it depends upon the condition and state of your hair. I had very curly and frizzy hair which took a long time to dry and straighten (I can only imaging the damage I did to my hair due to the straightening)

After having this treatment done, I must say that it did relax it but didn’t make it poker straight. After washing it is noticeably straighter than what it was and now only takes around 10 mins to run the irons through to achieve straight and very healthy hair. I think I will get it done again once it wears out as it’s much better for my hair in the long run.

– Sophie L, London, 15/6/2009 16:30
The success of this treatment depends on the amount of formaldehyde used. If the mixture is weak, it basically doesn’t work. I’ve got similar hair to Rachel by the sounds of it, and I wasted £150 on a weak treatment which did nothing. BUT if you get a stronger Brasilian keratin treatment you need to be really, really careful that the hairdresser doesn’t get any on your scalp, as formaldehyde will cause chemical burns. It’s the stuff which is used to embalm bodies, after all.